Finding amazing and fun things to do in Antalya and Mugla is always possible for every traveler. The possibilities are endless in this Turkish Riviera.

The Antalya region offers a plethora of attractions and sights that cater to every holidaymaker’s preferences, including beautiful beaches, natural wonders, ancient cities, archaeological sites, day trips, theme parks, and much more. There are numerous joyful activities to indulge in while visiting Antalya. Discover a wide range of things to do, day trips, attractions, and sightseeing opportunities in Antalya and Mugla. Stay updated on what’s on, festivals and events, tours, restaurants, and hotels. Plan your holidays and trips to Antalya with our comprehensive traveler information

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Antalya is known as Europe’s largest tourism destination and the pearl of the Mediterranean. We are ready to guide you in Antalya. In addition to its natural beauty, Antalya is also home to many ancient architectures. We have compiled all kinds of places where you can enjoy activities in Antalya on our page. We will introduce you to the most beautiful holiday towns, nightlife, and entertainment activities in Antalya


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Duden Waterfull Holidays 2023 Antalya

Duden Waterfall

Düden Waterfall is a natural beauty and a popular tourist spot in the city of Antalya. Located in the center of Antalya, the waterfall ...

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Antalya City Center

Antalya City Center

Antalya is a tourist city located on the Mediterranean coast in the southwest of Turkey. The Antalya City Center is the heart of the ci...

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Belek in Antalya


Belek, located in the Mediterranean region of Turkey, is a tourist destination known for its natural beauty, historical heritage, enter...

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Kemen in Antalya


Kemer is a holiday resort located in the Antalya province of Turkey. Situated on the coast of the Mediterranean, Kemer is a very popula...

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Panoramic view of lara beach with clear azure blue water and layered rocks, beautiful mediterranean Adriatic Sea coast, Montenegro, selective focus

Lara Beach

Antalya Sandland is an open-air sculpture museum located in the Lara region of Antalya, Turkey. It exhibits sand sculptures made by art...

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Turkey holiday

Things to Do Guide

What to Expect? Antalya is known with its colourful nightlife  you can always be sure that you are gonna have so much fun when you get...

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Find out medical and health tourism services and treatments in Antalya Turkey, including best clinics and surgeons for hair transplant, plastic, cosmetic and aesthetic surgeries, body aesthetics, rhinoplasty, breast aesthetics, obesity treatment, laser eye LASIK surgery, medical check-ups, dental implants, veneers, and dental care, oncological treatments, and organ transplantation.



What is Liposuction & What to Expect? Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery procedure that involves removing excess fat from different...

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Derma Fillers Include

Derma Filler

What are Dermal Fillers & What to Expect? Dermal fillers are a type of cosmetic treatment that involves injecting a gel-like subst...

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Alanya City Tour, Sea

Alanya City Tour

Alanya City Tour with Cable Car, Castle, and I Love Alanya Panorama: Discover the Gems of Alanya Embark on a captivating Alanya City T...

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