Alanya Antalya 2024 Holidays Guide

Hello to Alanya which is an incredible coastal city situated in the south coast in Turkey’s Antalya province. With its breathtaking beaches as well as a rich history, vibrant culture, and a warm Mediterranean weather, Alanya has become a popular destination for those seeking the perfect mix of relaxation and adventure as well as cultural adventures. This guide we’ll guide visitors on an immersive tour through the beautiful city of Alanya with a focus on its top tourist attractions, activities and reasons it should be on an upper spot on your travel itinerary.

What can we expect?

Alanya can be described as an excellent holiday destination in Antalya which has also been an ideal place to settle for foreigners for a long time. Thanks to its past, sandy beaches, the sea as well as modern-day hotels Alanya became a name not just in the country, but also in the world of tourism. This is a short tour guide of Alanya with most popular activities, places to see, the best accommodation, restaurants drinks, and all the information about tourism that you require, as well as tips for navigating the city.

If you’re looking for a restful and peaceful holiday with stunning views, historical places, and gorgeous beaches Alanya can be a fantastic option. You can find a variety of amazing Alanya trips. The resort is located around 130 km. in the east side of Antalya city center and approximately 124 kilometers. away from Antalya Airport.

The resort is an amalgamation of the old and the new, and has numerous energetic bars as well as restaurants, clubs along with shops and restaurants in the modern town, and a beautiful castle that is located in old town.

Why is it that we celebrate Christmas to Alanya?

Alanya provides a unique mix of natural beauty, historical tradition, and modern conveniences which makes it a perfect vacation spot. Here are some convincing reasons to choose Alanya to plan your next trip:

Alanya is famous for its clean sandy beaches which are where you can relax in the sun, bathe in crystal-clear waters and take part in a myriad of water sports. With the Blue Flag status, you are assured of clean, well-maintained beaches that are safe and a pleasant environment for everyone.

Rich History and Culture

Alanya is rich in history, with evidence of its past evident all over the city. Explore the fascinating historic sites, such as old fortresses, ancient ruins and museums. You can also take in the lively tradition that blends Turkish traditional practices with modern-day influences.

Outdoor Paradise

From the stunning Taurus Mountains to the azure Mediterranean Sea, Alanya is an ideal destination for those who love the outdoors. Participate in a variety of sports like biking, hiking fishing, boat excursions. The beautiful natural landscapes and breathtaking views are sure to leave you amazed every time you turn.

Warm Hospitality

Get a taste of the famous Turkish hospitality In Alanya the city where locals greet visitors with warm arms. The residents of Alanya are famous by their warmth and welcoming manner, which makes you feel one of them as soon as you arrive. If you require directions, suggestions or just a casual chat, Alanya’s residents are always available to help and make sure that your time in Alanya will be memorable and pleasant.

Delightful Shopping

Alanya is a dream for those who love shopping, with an array of shopping options. Visit the bustling markets in the local area that are known as “pazars,” where you can purchase fresh food and spices, as well as textiles along with traditional handicrafts. Check out the contemporary shopping malls and boutiques for the newest trends in fashion as well as designer brands and exclusive souvenirs to bring with you back to your home.

Fascinating Nightlife

As the sun goes down, Alanya comes alive with its lively nightlife scene. From stylish bars on the beach and rooftops to vibrant bars and music venues There’s no shortage of entertainment choices. Be sure to dance to the beats from live entertainment, take in shows by local artists or just relax with beverages and soak up the lively ambience.


Alanya was home to Klikya, Pamfilya, Hittites, Greeks and Romans during the time of ancient times. In the Byzantine period the name was changed to “Kolonoros” which is a Greek word meaning beautiful mountain. It was became “Alaiye” in the Seljuk period.

This town served as the capital of winter for the State during the Seljuk period. The town was then incorporated into the Ottomans territories during the reign of Fatih Sultan Mehmet.

The Top Things You Can Do and See

Alanya is a vibrant and modern city. There’s a wide selection of designer shops, high-end boutiques, bars, and bars and restaurants that will ensure your stay is enjoyable here.

Additionally, you can find a number of monumental structures including the city’s old wall, Kizilkule, Tersane, Tophane and the ancient Alanya houses that were renovated and later used in the castle. It’s worth a visit and a look.

The historic town of Alanya is impressive due to its charming narrow streets and stone houses built in the traditional way. In a few of these homes, weaving is performed on old looms, or food services are provided in the gardens.

It is Konakli town is a favorite spot that is located around 16 kilometers. from Alanya town centre where tourists and locals can enjoy the day enjoying its variety of bars, cafes and restaurants, as well as shops, and an enormous beach.

Alanya City Tour with Cable Car, Boat Trip, Dim River

Take a journey of a lifetime through the captivating city of Alanya that is where culture as well as natural beauty and stunning views collide. Alanya City Tour Alanya City Tour is a great opportunity to experience the highlights of this enchanting city, which offers a blend of culture exploration, breathtaking scenery, and relaxation. With a carefully planned itinerary that includes must-see attractions the tour guide will ensure that you get every moment you spend in Alanya.

Alanya Castle

Alanya Castle is a famous tourist attraction of the town, and is the same for Antalya. It’s a must to visit. The castle is located on a hilltop that overlooks the stunning Mediterranean coast. It is accessible via an approximately 3,5 km. long road. It is an ideal choice for hikers and trekkers.

Once you’ve reached at the castle, it’s possible to be able to admire the stunning views of Alanya along with the well-preserved ruins as well as the shell of a Byzantine church that dates back to the the 11th century.

Alanya Archaeological Museum

The Archeological Museum of Alanya is an absolute must-see for anyone who loves history and art. The museum houses 14 halls closed, and one open exhibit hall. A variety of archaeological artifacts are displayed in the opening section within the museum.

In this area there are many works of Phrygia, Lydia, Greek and Byzantines who lived before and after the Byzantines, and also the extensive assortment of coins dating to different periods that a variety of Emperors and kings issued under their own names. There is also the bronze-cast Heracles statue from the 2nd century, following Christ as the emblem of the museum.

In the second area, which exhibits ethnographic works and artifacts from the Seljuk and Ottoman periods as well as an older Alanya house are worth visiting.

There are also a variety of plant animals, fruit and plant species in the garden of the museum and the museum garden, where Bronze Age, Urartian, Phrygian, and Lydian artifacts as well as Hellenistic pottery as well as the rich Roman archeological artifacts are on display.

Boat Tour

Begin a boat cruise along the coast of Alanya which allows you to lay on the deck, take a dip in quiet bays, and take in the breathtaking landscapes that surround Alanya’s Mediterranean Sea.


Cleopatra Beach

Cleopatra Beach Cleopatra Beach is the most well-known beach in Alanya. It was famous due to the Egyptian queen Cleopatra who would visit the Mediterranean each year to come here to swim and the place was later named in honor of Cleopatra.

It is a two-kilometre. in length with a blue flag and fine-sanded beach that starts from the point at which the beach is located, close to Damlatas beach. The beach is water that is clear and shallow. The golden sands are fine and smooth. warm and shallow sea draws vacationers.

The entrance fee is not charged. There’s a wide selection of fast food restaurants and buffets on the promenade that runs along the beach.

Damlatas Beach

The beach is located at the western tip of the historical Alanya peninsula Damlatas Beach is among the best famous beaches in the region. The Blue Flag beach, known for its clean, fine sandy beach and crystal-clear, shallow waters, provides a beautiful place to relax and enjoy swimming.

Incekum Beach

About 23 kilometers to the to the west from Alanya, Incekum Beach is well-known due to its golden sands and crystal clear waters. Its name “Incekum” means “fine sandy” in Turkish and is a perfect description of the beach’s soft, powdery sand. The beach is approximately 1.5 miles and is flanked by pine trees and creates a beautiful scene.

The beach is 1 km. long fine, blue-flagged beach. Its shallow waters draws people in and is suitable for campers and families with children.

Alanya Pirate Boat Trip including Food and Drinks

If you’re looking for an unforgettable thrilling experience on your stay in Alanya then look for Alanya Pirate Boat Trip. Alanya Pirate Boat Tour. The 6-hour excursion combines breathtaking scenic views of the coast, excursions to beautiful caves, refreshing swimming in the turquoise sea and a delicious barbecue lunch served aboard.

Tandem Paragliding Experience

Are you prepared to feel the ultimate adrenaline rush and see the incredible splendor of Alanya from a completely new perspective? Take a look at tandem paragliding! This thrilling adventure gives you the chance to glide through the air as you feel the wind blowing through your hair, as well as gaze at the breathtaking coastal landscape of Alanya. If you’re looking for an oasis of calm or a thrilling adventure, tandem paragliding can be a memorable adventure that’ll leave lasting memories.

Green Canyon Boat Trip starting from Antalya, Manavgat, Side, Alanya

Are you looking to get away from the bustle and noise of urban life and lose your self in the peaceful embrace of nature? Join us for an Green Canyon Boat Trip starting from Manavgat, Side, Antalya and set off on an adventure of stunning beauty and peace. Enjoy a cruise along the green lake, be amazed with the rare brown fish-owls and admire the magnificent Taurus Mountains.

Damlatas Cave

Damlatas Cave was discovered in 1948, during the pit opening that would allow the stone to be used for making the port. The cave is located in the west of the historic peninsula. There is a 50-meter passage near the cave’s entrance. Once the passage is 15 meters the cave is a circular one. attained.

Are you looking to be free of the bustle and noise of urban life and lose yourself in the peace of nature? Join us for an Green Canyon Boat Trip starting from Manavgat, Side, Antalya and set off on an adventure of stunning beauty and tranquility. Enjoy a cruise along the green lake, and be mesmerized by rare brown fish owls and take in the breathtaking Taurus Mountains.

Damlatas Cave

Damlatas Cave was discovered in 1948 when the pit was opening that would allow the stone that would be used in building the harbour. The cave is located on the west side of the historic peninsula. There is a passage of 50 meters at the entrance to the cave. When the passage reaches 15 meters the cave is a circular one. attained.


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