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Perge in Antalya, Turkey 2023

Aspendos & The Roman Theater

Located in the Serik district of Antalya, the ancient city of Aspendos is famous for its Roman-era theater, agora, and aqueducts. Its most prominent feature is its well-preserved ancient theater, which is one of the best-preserved examples from the Roman period.

The Aspendos Ancient Theater was built approximately 2,000 years ago and has been remarkably well-preserved to this day. The theater has a capacity of 15,000 and boasts excellent acoustics due to its architectural features from that time. Concerts and festivals are still held at the theater today. Additionally, the Aspendos Museum, located right next to the theater, has a rich collection of artifacts for visitors who want to learn more about the other structures in the ancient city.

Another important ancient city in Antalya is the Roman Theater. Located in the city center, the theater was built in 130 AD. With a capacity of approximately 8,000, the theater reflects the architectural features of the Roman period. The theater is particularly popular during the summer months when events and concerts are held there.

Antique structures like Aspendos and the Roman Theater are of great importance to history and archaeology enthusiasts. These structures offer visitors an impressive experience as they reflect the culture, art, and architecture of past periods.


Perge Ancient City is an ancient site located to the east of Antalya. Founded by the Hittites in the 13th century BC, the city was later ruled by Persians, Hellenistic kingdoms, Romans, Byzantines, and Seljuks.

Considered one of the most important cities of the ancient period, Perge Ancient City’s main entrance is across a wide square called Agora. Behind the Agora, there is a nymphaeum (fountain) supported by 28 columns arranged in two rows. To the east of the Agora, there is a Roman-era theater with a capacity of approximately 12,000 people.

The stadium, one of the city’s most significant structures, was used for athletics and similar competitions in the ancient period. The stadium is approximately 240 meters long and can hold about 12,000 spectators.

Perge Ancient City also contains many other important structures such as baths, basilica, odeon, Agora gate, and northern and southern necropolises. Many historic buildings, such as aqueducts, cisterns, and water channels used in the ancient period, can be found around the city.

With its rich historical structures and features reflecting the ancient period’s architecture, Perge Ancient City is an alluring tourist destination. Like other ancient cities in Antalya, Perge Ancient City offers an unforgettable experience for history and archaeology enthusiasts.


Termessos Ancient City is an ancient site located in the east of Antalya, Turkey, which contains ruins from the Hellenistic and Roman periods. The city was built on a steep rocky hill, 1050 meters high, and exposed to strong winds coming from the northwest. Due to its location, it was difficult to defend and it is known to have been attacked many times.

Termessos Ancient City is a significant tourist destination that attracts visitors with its natural beauty and architectural structures. There are two ancient theaters at the entrance of the city. The large theater, which reflects Greek architecture, has a capacity of about 4000 people. The small theater was built during the Roman period.

Among the most important structures in the city are the ancient agora, gymnasium, baths, odeon, cisterns, agora gate, and necropolis dating back to the Hellenistic and Roman periods. In addition, the Zeus temple, which is one of the most important structures in the city, is also a focus of interest for visitors. The temple dates back to the Hellenistic period and was built towards the Solymos Mountain, the highest peak of the city at 1631 meters.

Termessos Ancient City offers visitors activities such as walking trails, natural ponds, and picnic areas. The steep terrain of the city, natural spring water sources, and high altitude have made it a popular destination for thermal tourism. Visitors can enjoy an unforgettable experience by exploring the ancient ruins and the natural beauty of the area.

Side Amphitheater & Apollo Temple

Side is an ancient city located in the Manavgat district of Antalya, Turkey. The city was an important trade center during the Roman and Byzantine periods and has left many historical ruins to the present day. Two of the most important of these ruins are the Side Amphitheater and the Temple of Apollo.

The Side Amphitheater was built in the 2nd century BC and has a capacity of approximately 15,000 people. The theater is one of the largest and best-preserved ancient theaters in the Mediterranean. The sections built into the hillside were used for the audience to rest before the theater performances. The stage of the theater was designed according to sunlight and has completely natural acoustics. The theater still hosts some cultural events.

The Temple of Apollo, built in the 2nd century BC, is the largest temple in Side. The temple resembles the Temple of Apollo on Delos Island, which is considered the birthplace of Apollo. The wide courtyard in front of the temple is one of the largest in the ancient world. Inside the temple, there are altars and statues dedicated to Apollo. The temple was used as a church during the spread of Christianity in the 5th century AD.

The Side Amphitheater and the Temple of Apollo are among the most important historical structures to visit in Side. These structures are an ideal place for visitors who want to discover architectural marvels from the ancient Roman and Greek periods and learn about history. Additionally, Side’s natural beauty, beaches, and tourist activities combine to offer an unforgettable holiday experience.

Antalya is one of Turkey’s most popular tourist destinations and offers many delicious food and drink options. The Mediterranean climate adds a rich flavor to Antalya cuisine, and dishes prepared with local agricultural products, seafood, and spices win the favor of visitors.

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