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Temple of Apollo

The Temple of Apollo is a temple built in ancient times in Miletus (now Didim, Aydın) and is considered one of the largest temples of the ancient world and an important example of Ionian architecture.

The Temple of Apollo was built starting from the 8th century BC and completed in the 2nd century BC. The temple was dedicated to the god Apollo in the ancient world and is now visited as an archaeological site.

The temple is an impressive structure in terms of ancient architecture. The 122 columns located on the front of the temple create a wonderful sight with light and shadow games. The temple is surrounded by columns standing on a pedestal 7.5 meters high and consists of the main temple section in addition to 3 rooms inside the temple. The main temple section is located next to a large open courtyard.

The courtyard surrounding the temple was a place where ceremonies were held in ancient times. Today, the temple ruins are used as an archaeological site that can be visited by tourists.

The Temple of Apollo is open to visitors every day from 8:00 am until sunset. The entrance fee is more affordable for Turkish citizens, while it is slightly higher for foreign tourists. Additionally, discounted tickets are available for students, teachers, and visitors over 65 years of age.

The Temple of Apollo is an important tourist attraction that can be visited in Didim and is of great historical and architectural significance from the ancient world. The temple contains a lot of information about the ancient period and offers visitors a historical journey.

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