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Lara Beach

Antalya Sandland is an open-air sculpture museum located in the Lara region of Antalya, Turkey. It exhibits sand sculptures made by artists from different parts of the world.

Sandland was opened in 2015 and hosts visitors with a different theme every year. While its first theme was “World Countries and Cultures,” it later dealt with themes such as “Cartoon Characters,” “World Mythology,” and “World Legends.”

The sand used in making the sculptures has a special blend and is resistant to sunlight. Sculptures can reach up to 10 meters in height and cover a wide range of topics. The sculptures exhibit many different subjects, such as historical structures of world countries, famous movie characters, famous artists and athletes, legends, and mythological figures.

Sandland also organizes events and activities. There are many activities for children, such as toy and play areas, sand painting events, and fun contests.

Antalya Sandland is open for most of the year, usually from April to October. It awaits visitors to see world-famous sand sculptures and to spend time with fun activities.

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