Antalya Aquarium is an aquarium located in Antalya, Turkey. It hosts visitors who want to explore the diversity and beauty of marine life. The aquarium has one of the largest tunnels in the world and offers visitors an unforgettable experience with its many exhibition areas designed with different themes.

There are 40 different exhibition areas in the aquarium with themes such as the Mediterranean, Spiritual Dimensions, City and Life, Tropical Forests, Oceans, Amazon and Whale Sea. It is possible to learn about the different species and habitats of marine life in these exhibition areas. The exhibited creatures include sharks, penguins, sea lions, stingrays, corals, and many other marine animals.

The aquarium allows visitors to get a closer look at marine life with interactive activities. There is also a specially designed play area for children.

Antalya Aquarium is open every day between 10:00-20:00 during the months of April-October, and every day between 10:00-18:00 during the months of November-March. Tickets can be purchased online through the aquarium’s website, or at the entrance. The aquarium also organizes feeding activities and other events at certain times. Details of these events can be found on the aquarium’s website or from programs obtained at the ticket booth.

While the entrance fees are more affordable for Turkish citizens, they are slightly higher for foreign tourists. However, discounted tickets are available for certain groups such as students and teachers. Additionally, discounted tickets can be purchased during special days and off-seasons through campaigns organized by the aquarium.

Antalya Aquarium is a great option for visitors who want to discover the beauty of marine life and experience interactive activities.

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