Aspendos Roman Theatre is a historic structure located within the boundaries of Serik district in Antalya. The theatre, built between AD 155-160, was used during the Roman Empire period and has been well-preserved until today.

Aspendos Roman Theatre is one of the best-preserved and most impressive among the ancient theaters. The structure has a 96-meter diameter arena and a seating capacity of 15,000. The stage has a wide area and a 40-meter width and 60-meter depth stage curtain. The theatre’s acoustics are well-preserved and still in use today.

Aspendos Roman Theatre offers visitors a historical experience. While learning about the theatre’s history and architecture, visitors can wander through the theatre’s enchanting atmosphere. Concerts, theatre plays, and dance performances are among the events held at the theatre.

The theatre is open for visitation every day between 08:00 – 19:00. Entrance fees are more affordable for Turkish citizens, while they are slightly higher for foreign tourists. In addition, discounted tickets are available for students, teachers, and visitors aged 65 and over. Event ticket prices at the theatre may vary depending on the event.

Aspendos Roman Theatre is an ideal place for visitors who want to discover a historic structure. Along with the events held at the theatre, it offers a beautiful journey into the depths of history.

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