Belek, located in the Mediterranean region of Turkey, is a tourist destination known for its natural beauty, historical heritage, entertainment venues, and sports activities, particularly during the summer months.

Natural Beauty:

Belek is famous for its beaches and natural areas. Belek Beach, Kadriye Beach, and Serik Municipality Beach are among the most popular beaches in the region. Additionally, you can visit natural areas such as Köprülü Canyon National Park, Düden Waterfall, and Kurşunlu Waterfall.

Historical Heritage:

Belek is also famous for its ancient cities dating back to the Roman period. You can visit many ancient cities such as Perge Ancient City, Aspendos Ancient Theater, Side Ancient City, and Patara Ancient City. Moreover, Kaleiçi, the historical center of Antalya, is also among the historical structures that can be visited in the region.

Sports Activities:

Belek is one of the most popular places for golf. Many golf courses in the region are designed to meet PGA standards. Additionally, the beaches in the region are also suitable for those who want to engage in water sports. You can do water sports such as water skiing, jet skiing, banana boating, and ringo. Belek is also an ideal region for activities such as rock climbing and paragliding.

Entertainment Venues:

Belek is also famous for its bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. Many hotels, nightclubs, bars, and restaurants in the region are among the places preferred by local and foreign tourists for entertainment.


In Belek, there are souvenir shops, boutiques, and open-air markets. You can purchase local handicrafts, jewelry, kilims, carpets, and other traditional Turkish products in the region.


Transportation to Belek is provided from Antalya Airport. You can easily reach Belek from the airport by taxis and minibusses. Transportation in Belek is provided by taxis, buses, and car rental companies.


Belek is home to many five-star hotels and holiday resorts in the region. The hotels in the region offer luxurious accommodation opportunities.

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Activities to do in Antalya Belek

Antalya Belek is a tourist region of Turkey known for its natural beauty, historical heritage, entertainment venues, and sports activities. Here are some activities you can do when you visit Antalya Belek:

Sunbathe and swim at the beaches: Belek is famous for its beautiful beaches and is an ideal place to enjoy a day at the beach due to its warm climate. Some of the beaches in Belek include Belek Beach, Kadriye Beach, and Serik Municipality Beach.

Play golf: Belek is home to some of the best golf courses in Turkey. You can play golf at PGA-standard courses in Belek.

Do water sports: In Belek, you can do many water sports such as paragliding, jet skiing, water skiing, canoeing, banana boat, and ringo.

Explore the World Heritage Site of Side Ancient City: Side is an ancient city located 75 km away from Antalya. You can see historical ruins, ancient theater, beautiful beaches, and ports.

Explore the World Heritage Site of Perge Ancient City: Perge is another ancient city near Belek. You can visit Roman ruins such as a theater, stadium, agora, columned street, bath, and other historical structures.

Explore the historic center of Antalya: Belek is only 30 km away from the historic center of Antalya. Kaleici, the historic center of Antalya, is famous for its historical structures, museums, restaurants, and shopping venues.

Visit Kursunlu Waterfall: Kursunlu Waterfall, located only 20 km away from Belek, is famous for its natural beauty. You can have a picnic in a natural environment by visiting the waterfall.

Visit Aspendos Ancient Theater: Aspendos Ancient Theater, which is close to Belek, is one of the best-preserved Roman theaters. You can watch the events held there.

Do rock climbing: Belek is an ideal area for rock climbing. You can do rock climbing on the rocks in Belek.

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