Where did the Kaş’s name came from?

The name “Kaş” is derived from the region’s history and the Lycian civilization. During the ancient period, the Lycians gave the settlement the name “Habesos”. Later, during the Roman period, it was called “Antiphellos”. Antiphellos means “the place where enemies meet” in the Lycian language.

The present-day name “Kaş” is a Turkish word that means “eye” or “eyeglasses”. This name was given based on the ancient theater of the Lycian period in the region. The ancient theater was thought to resemble the shape of an eye, hence the name. So, the name “Kaş” initially referred to the settlement located at the site of the ancient theater and eventually became the general name for the region.

Today, Kaş is known as a district of Antalya province and has become a popular tourist destination known for its history, natural beauty, beaches, and water sports opportunities.

What to do in Kaş?

Kalkan, located in the Kaş district of Antalya, is a famous holiday resort known for its beauty and tourist amenities. When you visit Kalkan, you can engage in the following activities and enjoy the local delicacies:

Explore the Beaches: Kalkan is renowned for its magnificent beaches. Patara Beach, Kaputaş Beach, and Kalkan Public Beach are ideal places for sunbathing, swimming, and cooling off. You can enjoy swimming in the crystal-clear turquoise sea.

Take Boat Tours: Join boat tours organized from Kalkan to explore the unique bays and islands of the area. The tours usually include swimming breaks and offer a delightful day with beautiful scenery.

Water Sports: Kalkan is an excellent destination for various water sports such as diving, snorkeling, parasailing, water skiing, and sailing. You can experience these activities by visiting one of the water sports centers in the area.

Saklıkent Gorge: Located near Kalkan, Saklıkent Gorge is a wonderful place for nature lovers. You can take a walk among the icy-cold waters of the gorge, go scuba diving, or participate in rafting tours.

Hike the Lycian Way: Kalkan is situated along the famous Lycian Way. The Lycian Way offers an ideal hiking route for history and nature enthusiasts. Starting from Kalkan, you can explore ancient ruins, beautiful landscapes, and natural riches.

Yacht Tours: Renting a yacht in Kalkan allows you to enjoy a luxury sea adventure. Spend a pleasant day with your loved ones on a private yacht, relish a delicious lunch, and take swimming breaks to make the most of the sea.

Culinary Delights: Kalkan boasts numerous restaurants and cafes. You can savor local flavors as well as international cuisine. Don’t miss the opportunity to try “Kalkan Fish,” a specialty of the region. It is prepared with fresh seafood, vegetables, and local ingredients.

Visitors to Kalkan can enjoy the beaches, explore the natural beauty, engage in water sports, visit historical and cultural sites, and indulge in local culinary delights. All of these activities contribute to an unforgettable holiday experience.

What are the most famous things in Kaş?

Kaş is a famous district known for its many prominent features. Here are some of the most famous things about Kaş:

Ancient Ruins: Kaş is notable for its historical and archaeological wealth. You can explore ancient ruins such as the ancient theater from the Lycian period, the ancient city of Antiphellos, and the sunken city of Kekova.

Bays and Beaches: Kaş is renowned for its magnificent bays and beaches. You can sunbathe and swim at popular beaches like Kaputaş Beach, Patara Beach, and İnceboğaz Beach. Additionally, you can visit the private beaches located in the surrounding coves of Kaş.

Diving: Kaş is one of Turkey’s most popular diving destinations. With its clear waters, rich marine life, and shipwrecks, it offers an ideal location for diving enthusiasts. You can experience the underwater world by joining diving centers in the area.

Lycian Way: Kaş is situated on the famous Lycian Way, a spectacular hiking trail beloved by history and nature enthusiasts. Starting from Kaş, you can embark on a journey to discover ancient ruins, breathtaking landscapes, and natural wonders along this trail.

Saklıkent Gorge: Located near Kaş, Saklıkent Gorge is a popular destination for nature lovers. You can take a walk between the icy waters of the gorge, go for scuba diving, or participate in rafting tours to explore its natural beauty.

Boat Tours: You can embark on boat tours organized from Kaş to discover the unique bays and islands of the region. These tours provide swimming breaks and offer a pleasant day filled with beautiful scenery.

Cuisine: Kaş is famous for its delicious and fresh seafood. You can enjoy a variety of seafood dishes at seafood restaurants and also try local flavors. Additionally, Kaş is home to restaurants offering different cuisines.

In addition to these famous features, Kaş offers visitors an unforgettable experience with its natural beauty, historical atmosphere, and warm hospitality.

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